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Hand, Foot, Nail, & Face Treatments

Hand, Foot, Nail, & Face Treatments

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AT-HOME SPA TREATMENT. Treat yourself to some much-needed “me” time with a soothing, refreshing facial without ever stepping foot in the spa. Pick one you need or get the whole set for a spa experience! They will moisturize your skin to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, delivering a healthier complexion and smooth skin. Choose between cucumber aloe face wraps, avocado vitamin e face wraps, moisturizing hand gloves, invigorating foot sockies, and two sets of cutucle wraps REPAIR DAMAGED NAILS -Effectively repair damaged nails after manicure. HYDRATING CUCUMBER. Abundant in vitamins and minerals, cucumber extract boasts powerful, rejuvenating properties. It helps to rehydrate skin to keep wrinkles at bay and also has the ability to even out the complexion with healthy skin. AVOCADO - Revitalizes skin, helps retain moisture for radiance and natural glow. Nourishes and balances to sooth and refresh dry or sensitive skin.

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