Curated Pampering Spa Beauty Box | Valentine's Gift
Curated Pampering Spa Beauty Box | Valentine's Gift

Curated Pampering Spa Beauty Box | Valentine's Gift

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Amazing beauty spa box contains 9 items to help you relax and pamper in comfort.

Gel Infused Spa Socks
Get rid of those dry and cracked heels for good with these amazing spa socks. 

Reusable: Soft knitted cotton outside, grips on the bottom for non slip safety
Silicone hydrating gel inside w medical-grade mineral oil that's blended with jojoba oil, olive oil, rose oil and vitamin E
Moisturizes dry feet
Fits adult women

INSTRUCTIONS - Use 2-3 times a week for at least 20-30 minutes each time. Add your favorite skin products for best results. Hand wash under 85F.

Collagen Eye Patches
Collagen is extremely good for your skin, hair and nails. These collagen eye gel patches will work wonders on the skin around your eyes. They help reduce dark circles, bags, bumps, fine lines, and dry patches. 

Leopard Spa Headband
Keep water off your hair with a spa headband. These soft plush ones are thick enough to protect your entire hairline and made of highly absorbent material.

Plant Extract Korean Face Mask
Korean face masks moisturize and nourish your face. One application (scents vary)

Microfiber Scrunchies
Dry your hair with microfiber scrunchies. These are HOT right now! They act like little towels, accelerating hair drying time. (colors vary)

Spa Velcro Towels
These spa towels are so great! Just wrap them around your hair when washing your face or doing an at home spa facial. (colors vary)

Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrushes
Eco friendly, helps whiten teeth with each brushing , disposable (colors vary)

Bath Bomb
Single use essential oil bath bombs (scents vary)

Silicone Make Up Brush Cleaner
Clean your makeup brushes easily with this silicone brush cleaner. All you have to do is get some soap onto the wet makeup brush and swirl around on the textured silicone brush cleaner until the water is clear. Place your fingers inside the brush cleaner. Lather up brush bristles with soap and then swirl on the brush cleaner.